Audio from the BOE Meeting for April 17, 2007

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  1. […] The audio from the April 17th, 2007 Board of Education meeting is now available at the Board of Education website. […]

  2. Maggie Long says:

    As a current member of the Kenton High School Top 20 and musical, I have a simple question regarding the cutting of the Top 20 should the levy on the May 8 ballot not pass. I understand that it is necessary to make cuts to allow the school district to function properly, but I feel cutting the Top 20 program before cutting the Middle School Dimensions group is a poor use of school funds. My sister is a member of the Dimensions so I do not make this suggestion without thought to those who will be most directly affected. The Dimensions is one of the only middle school show choirs in the state of Ohio and is primarily functional in preparing students for hogh school show choir, but if there is no high school show choir, I do not see a point in having a middle school show choir. I simply ask that the board consider cutting the Dimensions program before cutting the Top 20 program. Thank you for your time.