Campus wear meeting

The Kenton City Schools Board of Education held a special meeting to gain input from the community on the Blue Ribbon Task Force’s recommendation that Kenton City Schools enact a Campus Wear policy.

The PowerPoint presented by Mr. Wolfe can be viewed here, Campus Wear Presentation. Please keep in mind that this is only the task force’s recommendation. The BOE is taking all information into advisement and the final policy is not yet decided.

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44 Responses to “Campus wear meeting”

  1. Tara Howell says:

    I do not think we need to have campus wear. Just make each and every student regardless of who their parents are follow the dress code!

  2. Susan Whitaker says:

    I do not agree with the campus wear. School officials should enforce the dress code now in place. A handful of students not complying, because of who they are, should not ruin it for the rest of the school. Our children do not want campus clothes.

  3. richard b boyer II says:

    Campus wear is just another way of taking away from our kids that makes them who they are. I feel everyone should express who they are and they can’t do it if we tell them you have to dress like this or that. I’m not saying let them come to school in their skivies or any thing like that. They are there to learn not to empress the school.
    I read somewhere in The Kenton Times that Lima and Toledo are going to or have gone to campus wear.
    But what they fail to tell you is why. I grew up in Toledo and they had a huge gang problem up there and they figured if they make them wear all the same clothes then no one would know what gang they were with and less likely they would have problems.
    I spoke with alot of students and none of them want campus wear…..i feel they should have a very strong voice on what they can and cannot wear.

  4. Shelly says:

    I don’t think it matters whether the kids have campus wear- it is only clothes. I would hope that if they feel the need to ‘express themselves’, they have several resources at their fingertips to be able to do so- art, music, etc. If they are truly ‘rich’ people (in personalities) than following a clothing guideline should not threaten their being in any way. If the children were to continue to decide for themselves, I think they would not fix the problem. Campus wear would save the teachers the stress of conflict with the parents who would argue with them if their child was sent home to change. It would be clearly stated what the dress code is and would leave no room for the gray area. Yes, it may be harder at first to get used to a new rule- but we’re capable of teaching our kids to comply. That is part of life- when they get home they can change into whatever the parents allow, but school should go back to letting the teachers have the authority. We send them there to learn and our kids spend 7 hours a day with them- if there is the need for change, the teachers see it- you all know our kids act differently when the parents are not there. If this change in dress code feels like a threat, perhaps the parents need to ask themselves where they are focusing all of their energy in their teachings to their kids!! If the kids were on ‘even ground’ again, perhaps they would be forced to look at people for who they are on the inside and not to judge by who has the most expensive or promiscuis clothing- last names would be personal identity and not group category anymore.

  5. Karen Murphy says:

    I think campus wear is not needed in Kenton City Schools. All kids should not get punished for what some kids wear to school. Must kids are not going to wear a dress shirt and tie to school. I have two sons in Kenton City Schools and they have already said , If campus wear comes where they have to wear it they will not go to Kenton. Some kids are not going to be comfortable in those clothes. My sons are big guys it will be hard to find their size and be alot more expensive. I think the schools just need to stick to the dress code that they have already and ENFORCE IT TO EVERYONE KNOW MATTER WHO YOU ARE. Kenton is not wealthly enough town to be doing this in my opinion.

  6. Teresa Risner says:

    I think we should have campus wear. It will make it easier on the kids that get picked on for not having the money to buy the expensive clothing. That way everyone is treated the same. They will still be able to express themselves in there activities. They can dress the way they want after school. I am all for it.

  7. R. Brown says:

    Students should not be forced into wearing campus wear for several reasons. The families that purchase expensive clothes will still purchase more uniforms and more variety in sweaters/sweatshirts, etc. Families with one income/single parent families will still only be able to purchase the basics. Not all these families will qualify for “free” or “assistance” in purchasing these campus wear clothes. Many believe that campus wear will make all the kids “look” the same; however, how a student is built will make a difference in how the clothes fit. If a person doesn’t look good or is uncomfortable, their self-esteem will still be hurt.
    Students do need to dress decently. It is possible to find decent clothes and at a reasonable price; however, it is time for the parents to support the school by making sure that they help their children choose the proper clothes not only for school but for every activity in life. Afterall, the kids do have a life outside of school and will need clothes for that also. So it will be double the cost for parents in clothes or laundry bills, especially at the elementary age.

  8. Katie Brim says:

    I am an 8th grader at KMS. I have already tried posting a comment on this but, for some reason didn’t go through. Interesting, right? Anyways. A few things. I DISSAGREE with campus wear, for many reasons. First, campus wear isn’t flattering, for one reason, you have to tuck your shirt in. I am not a skinny twig and proud. Wearing my shirt tucked in will just show off my fat even more, and I will be VERY UNFLATTERING. And one thing we have many bigger girls! What are they suppost to do? Go to another school, I don’t think so. People are saying that kids are getting made fun of because how they dress or don’t have expensive clothes? OKAY. I know that some aren’t and if kids are making fun of other kids, the kids taht are making fun of the others, parents, should whip them into shape! PARENTS DON’T BE AFRAID OF YOUR KIDS. Geeze. Sometimes YOU act like the kids. Also, expressing out individuality through music, art, and sports? Yeah sure. In band we have to play the song the TEACHER picks out. Same for choir. Except for solo and ensamble but we have to pick out of some certain songs. In art some kids just can’t draw. What are you suppost to do then?? And sports, you can’t express yourself by doing what you want you must follow the rules. At least with out campus wear yes you have to follow those rules but the rules aren’t hard to follow!
    I have never gotten in trouble about my clothes. Why make the people that don’t get in trouble suffer!? COME ON PEOPLE. And I find it really hard to believe that the School Falculty is spending 40%-50% each day about kids not wearing the right thing. Yes I agree I hate seeing boys have their butt cracks hanging out, but I DON’T LET MINE HANG OUT. Geesh. And the wholes in the jeans. Its a fashion statement. IT WILL BE GONE SOONER OR LATER. At least having holes past your hands is fine because thats what we have with shorts and you show more skin through that!This isn’t campus wear, its uniforms. Fights will break out from this. Imagine.One girl is wearing the EXACT same outfit as the other, they’ll start bickering, especially if one of the girls looks better in it (not to be mean) and WHAM a fight. People, worry about more important things like if kids are bringing in guns and knives or drugs into our schools. Seriously. HARDLY ANYONE WANTS THIS. And did you realize that parents will still have to spend money for kids to change after school because I garuntee that NO kid,teen,ect. is going to stay in campus wear all day. Did you guys think that its going to be more expensive for bigger people. I’m tired of everyone has to be a skinny freak, anorexic, whatever. Its killing people. And when bigger people are told that they have to wear uncomfortable clothing, it makes us even more emotional. We want to look, feel, good. Yeah campus wear will make us study more. I really doubt that. In class I’ll be more worried about how uncomfortable my shirt is then my school work. People come on this won’t work. Seniors shouldn’t have to buy clothes that their going to have to wear one year then put in a box. Its really innapropriate and I find no point. We aren’t a prep school. We never will be. This won’t work believe me.

  9. Brandy says:

    You know its bad enough that kids have alot in the world to worry about, and now you want to tell them what to wear where to walk,when to do this and that. My Gosh let the kids be the way they want to be. As long as they aren’t showing parts I don’t understand why we have to have this.. You have parents out there that can pay for them parents out there that can get help and parents that don’t make enough money but make to much to get help. If this is to pass i will move. private schools have campus wear not puplic. By GOD if this does pass i better see every teacher in the same thing….

  10. Sam Webb says:

    I am an 8th grade student at kms and I highly disagree with the school obtaining campus wear. For several reasons the most being that the parents of this town don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on clothes that they would have to spend hundreds more to clean! A second issue would be that the clothes don’t come in adult sizes and all the boys (excluding a select few) at the kms wear mens sizes. And as a notion of warning if campus wear does pass no one will wear it which you will kick us all out which will lead to the eventuality of the schools permanent closing!

  11. sara graves says:

    Hi there, I am a parent of several kenton city school kids. I have to say that I am very against campus wear as it is hard enough to afford clothes for my children now. If I had to buy them campus wear that would be suitable for spring/fall (capris, short sleeved shirts,) then for winter (pants and sweaters and sweatshirts) plus clothes to wear outside of school, I wouldn’t be able to afford all the other things (like school taxes, property taxes, and school fees to name a few). If teachers are having a hard time enforcing discipline then maybe we need some new teachers. If this passes, I will probably move my family to Ridgemont or Hardin Northern. I just can’t see making my children wear these. Thanks.
    Sara Graves

  12. John Brien says:

    Campus wear is not an issue of taking rights or priviledges away from the kids. Campus wear is about the positive impression and atmosphere for successful learning. People react and respond in accordance to their environment. If the environment is disruptive and chaotic, the attitudes will follow. But if the atmosphere is positive and conducive to learning the attitudes of those in that environment will follow. With that being said, the dress code alone will not solve all of the problems of the school, but it is a positive step in the right direction. Employers in sucessful businesses do not allow their employee’s to dress offensive or inappropriately, why should we let our children do the same at their jobs? Sometimes change is scary and difficult, but nothing will improve if the same thing continues to occur. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Campus wear is a positive change that will help bring about a strong and positive learning environment for our kids.

  13. Bethany Merold says:

    As one of Kenton City School’s students, I believe that “campus wear” (AKA uniforms) will not work. Think about it, if you cant enforce the dress code that we have now, how in the world do you think you can enforce a stricter dress code. What is a student that has a build that will not fit into any of the uniforms or is allergic to the material supposed to do? Are you going to kick them out? Seriously! If your going to do that we all should just change schools. If you think that the parents will save money, you would be wrong. I will NEVER wear campus wear to an activity out side of school and im not going to go in my underwear so i will need other clothes too. My parents will just end up spending the same amount on clothes for the weekends plus they will spend the extra money on uniforms. Why must the students that do not disobey the rules for dress code have to wear such awful looking attire. I have never seen anyone get made fun of for their clothes. If somebody has done this to someone the person that made fun of them needs to get over them selves. NOT EVERYONE IS A TWIG OR HAS ENOUGH MONEY FOR HOLLISTER CLOTHES. And i hate to break it to you but clothing is not what gives someone the idea that they are better than someone else, and they dont create “subgroups” the reason you have “subgroups” is because the people in that group get along and are FRIENDS, not because they all wear hollister or walmart. And what in the world is this, “Decreasing life threatening situations among students for designer clothes.” ya everyday i go to school and somebody wearing hollister or abercrombie holds a gun to my head and says that i have to buy designer clothes or they will shoot. YA RIGHT!!! HAHA that cracks me up. I usually like going to school but i will dread going to school if i have to look like a prep school want to be. This is rediculous and will never work. Even if you do pass this, most students will just ignore the rules. So whats the point. You might think that this is the biggest problem in the school system but the teachers don’t see or hear everything that happens at school. Spend your time worrying about other problems that actually matter like kids being made fun of because they have a learning disability or because they look different. As you can tell I am completely against campus wear.

  14. Katie Brim says:

    Okay. Yeah another comment. Some person up above mine is talking about how campus wear is about the positive impression and atmosphere for successful learning. DUDE. I am a straight A student and I know that clothing doesnt distrupte (however you spell it) our classes. I want to be a teacher for crying out loud! SERIOUSLY. But kids if they don’t want to learn they just won’t not because of their clothing. I know about 3/4 of the 8th grade are good students. The other 1/4 just haven’t decided what they want to do yet. YES EDUCATION IS GOOD. But how would clothing effect our learning skills. I agree with Sara Graves. If we have all have to wear one style of clothing make the teachers. Yeah lifes not fair. But if we have to they should. I’m sure theirs conflicts between some teachers but you guys are changing their clothing because they don’t get along! Yeah and people go into certain groups because some people just don’t get along with others. Believe me I know. Like I said. Kids are bringing gun knives and drugs into school. WORRY ABOUT THAT. Campus Wear isn’t a positive change. Having campus wear will make the kids more willing to act out since they can’t wear what they won’t. Personally I just think your full of crap and are just trying to use big words to confuse us. Well excuse me but I WASN’T CUNFUSED. What you people are saying doesn’t make sense. ITS IDIOTIC. THank you.

  15. Derek Kerr says:

    Well, where to start?!
    I am an 8th grade student at KMS and I think this idea of “campus wear” is completely uncalled for. As some have said above, I get straight A’s, and always have. I know personally that our clothing doesnt effect our ability to learn, due to the fact that i have a pair of ripped jeans. This fad in clothing isn’t going to last forever people, so why bother? Also, to all the kids that actually break the rules about our dress code…you are the ones that need to be punished, not all of us! If you take away the clothes that we wear in everyday life, we aren’t gaining anything, we’re losing it! Anyone every heard of self expression?!? Kids want to stand out and be different…not be the normal everyday sort of kid that has nothing special or different about them. Thats why some kids choose to be goth, emo, punk, prep…ect.. THESE KIDS ARE BEGGING FOR ATTENTION! They aren’t asking the teachers to quit their jobs, and no, the clothing isn’t a distraction. Just another way we chose to express ourselves(as i have said before).

    To all the people who think that this will be a solution to kids being picked on for the clothes they wear, inexpensive clothes ect… Do you actually think this will HELP!?!?! I mean yeah, we’ll all have to wear the same thing,BUT , WHY DO YOU THINK THEY DON’T HAVE EXPENSIVE CLOTHES TO BEGIN WITH!?!?!? MONEY!! Not everyone can afford American Eagle and Aeropostale! DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT THE KIDS CHOOSE TO NOT HAVE THOSE CLOTHES!?!? NO!! So, (getting to the point), this will probably cost us even MORE MONEY because the parents of these children will have to buy a set of school clothes ON TOP OF the regular clothes they wear to begin with! LIKE KATIE SAID, no kid,teen, ect… will want to go around all day in uncomfortable “campus wear”. So the parents have even MORE money going out the door for that…even when this could be prevented and stopped before it has started.
    Another reason i STRONGLY DISAGREE is because of comfort. How comfortable do you people actually think that this is going to be. THIS WILL CAUSE AN EVEN BIGGER PROBLEM THAN IT WAS TO BEGIN WITH!! I can garuntee that someone who wants to just wear a baggy sweat shirt will be more comfortable then wearing a polo or whatever else we would have to wear. I know it would make me uncomfortable. I would probably be fidgeting around in my seat just trying to make myself comfortable! So in this your creating a problem that wasn’t all that big to begin with.
    Change is not scary, it’s misunderstood, but this change, I believe, will not fix any problems that our school and district has.
    And to all the kids that actually DO dress innapropiatley (according to the teachers, because I know for a fact that we don’t think it’s innapropriate) just get over yourself and wear some different clothes, it’s not a matter of changing our dress code, it’s a matter of enforcing the one we have. Teachers, discipline the kids, don’t take away their freedom.

  16. Morgan Whitaker says:

    Campus Wear is almost the most rediculous thing I have heard of. Ever. It is taking our individuality and creative-ness away from us. We will all look just about the same. The Outfits sound rediculous. And this will just create more problems. You WILL have students who WILL not follow the uniform code. Some of us WILL rebel. Face it. Just leave things as they now are. Don’t create more drama for us kids to worry about.

  17. Morgan Whitaker says:

    Pardon my spelling; Let me correct it; Rediculous is Ridiculous.


  18. jake says:

    i think we should have campus wear so we dont get juged by what we wear im sick of people jugeing us by what we wear or by our last name i jus think this is one think that could help show respect

  19. Shirley says:

    UNIFORMS WILL SUCK, THEY DO SUCK AND WILL ALWAYS SUCK SO LETS NOT GET THEM AND SAY WE DID. I agree with all the previous people who have disagreed with the Board and this stupid option presented to the public.

  20. Shelby Lonyo says:

    Well. I am an 8th grader at KMS. and I think that what we wear is not important. not saying that people should come to school in booty shorts and tank tops. but ,aking us have Uniforms? That is stupid because the girls will probably just roll up their skirts too high and the guys will still buy them too big. My parents dont want to have to buy campus wear amnd other clothes that is a huge waste of money. because no kid wants to wear unifroms everywhere!! that would be stupid. and i have never heard anyone make fun of dsomeone because the way they dress. who cares if you buy things from AE or Aeropostle or walmart???come on this is stupid because you are going to have more problem now than before.

  21. Courtney Althouse says:

    I am one of the many students at Kenton Middle School and I feel as if campus wear is a waste of time and money.I see no reason in campus wear.We dont really have that big of a problem with the school dress code.I feel if we get campus wear it will make the kids angry and not wantting to learn.I also believe that what we are wearing to school isnt really that important.There is no reason to buy campus wear then to have to go out and buy other clothes for us to wear other places.I feel if we get campus wear it will just create more problems. Bigger ones than the dress code already have. Because no one is going to want to walk around looking the same as someone else.DONT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON SOMETHING WE DONT NEED.

  22. Shelly says:

    Before this year- I would’ve agreed w/ those stating that we weren’t entirely in ‘need’ of the campus wear. In the last year I have been to the middle school only a few times- during those visits, I was embarrassed for an 8th grade middle school girl who was wearing REALLY short shorts to practice winter sports (w/ a man as a coach!) I was hoping for all of the younger kids’ sakes that she didn’t start practicing before we left. Hard to believe that this girl’s mother is affiliated w/ the school system. As I sat there waiting for my child’s event to end- I thought for sure the coach would’ve said ‘go home and change’ but these girls were showing off to him as he smiled.
    Some of the female teachers there have also shared the fact that girls are wearing tshirts which say ‘Fresh Peaches’ w/ 2 suggestively placed peaches. (?!) I am not looking forward to sending my kids to the middle school where I have heard so much of the problem lies. Another parent of an older child has shared that in this school it is different- that it is ran by the kids. Her words were ‘brace yourself’… Another mother struggles w/ the fact that her daughter calls home nearly every day wanting to leave the place and nothing is changing this environment.
    The middle school is where so many girls begin to feel as though they are now women- (even though they have several years to go) we all went through this- but what in the world has changed w/ some of the parents- why are they allowing the kids to disrespect themselves in desperate ways?! Why are these girls not being sent home to correct the problem consistently so that they know who makes the rules?? If they were able to make 100% of the choices without our assistance, we would already consider them adults. Although their voice counts- it should not always dominate. If they feel that they should have a right to show the world what they have, what is wrong with having the parents worry about that mess… school is for learning. People at Honda may not always feel like wearing a uniform to work (or feel that it flatters each of their figures), men may not feel like wearing a tie to the office- that’s what weekends and evenings are for. There are some rights that haven’t been mentioned here- these kids are screaming out that they should be able to wear what they want— I should be able to take young children to the school events without having to excuse the ones who haven’t learned how to be a lady yet. If these gals aren’t willing to respect themselves, I guess it’s time that the adults do it for them. For those of you who are overweight and concerned about the sizes- we all know they make all sizes in khakis, etc. Wear a sweater over the tucked shirt if you don’t want it to be revealing to your figure. Cost is irrelevant too- there are plenty of resources out there that are low cost. Also, I think parents could adjust to the real world attire plus the campus wear attire- split down the middle what you already spend in clothing… when our kids play sports and we purchase their uniforms for a 2 hour game (plus shoes)- they are not complaining. For those stating they will move their kids to a different district, check out the school’s ratings first, they all have their own issues and be sure to mention to your kids why it’s important to run from anything which is out of their overall control.

  23. Katie Brim and Bethany Merold says:

    We find it very rude that some people can say that you shouldn’t worry about looking overweight when they don’t know how it is to be a teenager at this point in time. Looks are very important to most. It’s hard to be criticized about how much you weigh. Kids who have a bigger build are usually more emotional then kids who are thinner. Not all the time. But usually. AND. We can only shop at 3 stores to get campus wear so what are we suppost to do if we can’t find bigger sizes. Are you going to kick us out. Education is very important in both of our lives because we want to go somewhere in our lives.
    If you think the girls won’t wear short shorts to practice you’re wrong because at 3:01 we won’t have to wear campus wear. So the girls will still end up wearing short shorts to practice. About the innapropriate logos on the girls shirts. We agree. But their PARENTS should be the ones telling them they shouldn’t wear that. Not the administrators. The adults shouldn’t MAKE us respect ourselves, they should TEACH us how. Don’t get us wrong. We love the teachers, and think that the dress code we have now is fine, it just needs to be little stricter. Like no inapropriate logos, or pants that show your buttcrack or boxers. Why make the rest of us suffer that don’t do that.

  24. ryan mcclaren says:

    I don’t think we should have campus wear! i know the school is trying to do some good by taking away our rights because they think it is going to stop the fighting and i’m telling them myself if i want to fight someone its going to happen and its not going to matter what i have on. There is also the point of a lot of people don’t have the money for this campus wear! I’M ALSO SO YOU KNOW EVEN IF YOU GET CAMPUS WEAR I’M GOING TO WEAR WHAT I WANT ANYWAYS!!!

  25. John says:

    Students of KCS

    What you don’t understand is that the board of education is trying to help you for the real world. And guess what your going to have to start looking professional and or where correct the correct clothes when you get or have a job.

    And do any of you know why almost all employers have a dress code/uniform policy of some sort?

    Its to avoid distractions that make it so you cant get your work done.

    So don’t look at it as they are taking your rights away. even when you walk in to a public school you do lose some of rights (bet you didn’t know that) but they are trying to help you for YOUR future

  26. deathhunter says:

    any of you feel it nessicary to enforce a new dress code instead of enforcing the current one then you are all complete idiots get the picture!!!!!!

  27. Maria Clark says:

    Personally, I’m neutral on this. This whole thing is being blown completely out of proportion. For one reason, it says strickly above and I quote “The BOE is taking all information into advisement and the final policy is not yet decided.” Apparently a few of you didn’t read this because you’re freaking out like you’re going to die in 5 days and someone won’t let you live your last five days how you want to.

    Campus wear is a good decision because as a student. I see every day how people get made fun of. And when you eigth graders sit here and say they don’t you’re only fooling yourselves. Although I’m not proud of my decisions, I know this is happening because I do find myself from time to time making fun of other students by saying “Oh my God, her shirt is SOOO ugly!” or “WHAT IS SHE WEARING!!!” and if you’re saying they’re not most likely it’s because you’re the ones making fun of them. Because, if YOU were the students being made fun of you wouldn’t be so all set on not having campus wear. It DOES happen, everyday. Also, NO ONE said that the kids were being made fun of because they weren’t wearing {insert name of clothing brand you think is cool here}. They could be made fun of because what they are wearing is ugly, or too big on them, or too small. I shop wherever I want to, and when I walk into Hollister or AE, I’ve seen some pretty ugly clothes. So, it’s not all you think it is now is it? It’s also a good reason because like was stated above, this will prepare us for the real world. Hate to break it to you children but, you’re not ALWAYS going to be able to dress like you do. Sorry. And as for eigth grader number one, ask the teachers if they can wear whatever they want to school like us students can? Or, I’ll save you the trouble and tell you right now the answer is no they can’t. And teachers are grown adults. They have to abide by there own set of rules just like we do. So if you want to be a teacher, you better get used to it soon enough. As for being to big or whatever. I’m also not skinny, but I’m the prettiest person I know and that’s my PERSONAL opinion. If you go around complaining about your issues with your weight that sounds like a personal problem to me. It’s not your clothes fault and it’s not yours. It is your fault however if you choose to let people get to you about it. I don’t and I’m perfectly friend. I have more friends than needed, great grades, enough boys to choose from for the rest of my life and I’m so happy. So, it’s YOU that will make you unhappy, NOT your clothes.

    Campus wear is a bad decision because, individuality is a big thing for most people. I am very unique. I dress different than anyone I know and I act differently. When you put campus wear on me and tell me to be happy, it’s not likely. I want to be myself, and I haven’t needed someone to tell me what to wear sense I was in elementary school. And even then I didn’t like it. Campus wear will be a problem for many reasons but mostly because people will make it a problem because they really don’t have anything better to do and thats the truth. Another reason why it’s a bad decision is money. It’s been discussed on here time and time and these kids and adults are correct. It will be a problem. Some of the kids I see are struggling so hard because of money. Clothes should not be a problem too. When you have people here in Kenton who can barely afford to put food on the table from night to night and have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills and are living from pay check to pay check each week, then asking them to special arrange there clothes to fit the campus wear standards is out of the question.

    Campus wear is either going to happen or it’s not. But whatever happens, happens and we’re just going to have to deal.

  28. Katie Brim says:

    I laugh. I cry. I complain. And everyone does. People have opinions. People will have disagreements. And nothing will make this world be perfect. So what if I’m an eighth grader. So what if someone is an adult. Does it matter what age you are to talk about this? Yes I know we will sooner or later have to follow our jobs dress codes. I know this. But I also know, that our teachers can wear any dress pants, and dress shirts to school four out of the five days. On Fridays they are aloud to wear jeans. Didn’t you people get to wear what you wanted ( to an extent ) at my age? Let us have some freedom. I follow our schools dress code. I’m fine with it. Anyways. Maybe I am insecure. My hormones are all over the place and thats not my fault. I’m not comfortable with myself, and I will grow into it as I get older I hope. And about the making fun of. I don’t think I make fun of people because of what their wearing. I’m sure I’ve said it in my head before but not to their faces. I want us to enforce our dress code. Not get us a whole new one. Either we’ll have it or not. If we do have it. At least I know I fought for what I believed in and I lost, which is okay. Yes I’ll get over it. But at least I know I fought for something I believed in. And thats all I need.

  29. alli says:

    all you people make me laugh.
    we do not need campus wear.
    for the little skanks who choose to disrespect themselves and show everything they have ; i gladly encourage them.
    its not my reputation, its theirs.
    just bc a few kdis screw up doesnt mean that the whole school should be punished and wear “campus wear”
    campus wear is just takeing our rights away and are spunk and originality away.
    you all are idiotic.

    p.s even if we do get campus wear.
    i wont be wearing it.

  30. Cathy says:

    I am a parent of current Kenton students and a graduate as well as being a graduate of Kenton Schools myself. I find it both sad and ironic that the system that has lost control of this situation now wants to regain control. I have frequently questioned the dress code in recent years; the problem is not the dress code itself but the system’s inadequacy in controlling the existing code. It was a gradual slide into what we have today. My children are against this proposal; I am undecided. If I could believe that conformity was the most important lesson to learn, then I could support this idea. This is a system faced with numerous issues and obstacles right now, why isn’t the focus on simply helping to educate young minds and being positive role models for these young minds to admire? Good luck, but if the levy doesn’t pass, won’t this be a mute point?

  31. Lizzy Baldwin says:

    Whoa baby,
    Some of you are taking this way too seriously. I mean really “Campus Wear” is not that big of a deal, in fact i’m all for it. I’m sick of hearing everyone moan and complain about “how i can’t wear my hollister clothes anymore!” or “this is unfair they’re taking all of our rights away!” well wah wah wah get over it. Campus Wear is not going to ruin your life or make you anymore unpopular or make you look even more unflattering than you already do. You shouldn’t even worry about what people think about your outfit, maybe you wouldn’t complain so much. Oh, and another thing to all the kids who are getting picked on… do you actually think that getting campus wear is going to increase how much people talk about you? I mean really think about it. If people are talking about you or picking on you whatever, they still are going to do it. I think that campus wear is a great idea, and my friends all think i’m crazy for saying that. Come on people! I am not the only person who likes fashion trends,having their own style, and glamour looks and I understand that. I like Nordstrom, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Hollister, Pac Sun, and Victoria’s Secret too but i truely think that you can go 5 days without wearing them esp. if I can! Oh, and about the whole cost thing, I’m aware that some people might not be able to afford them but i’m sure that the school systems can figure something out to help. Also, talking about how parents will only buy 1 pair of clothing and how their children will wear the same clothes everyday and they’ll get teased. Uhh, wake-up people they do that now! I know that somebody is going to read this and say “oh my god she is so stupid, she doesn’t know what it’s like.” Well, I do ok? I like to dress up for school. I do every single day because i believe that you should always be presentable for others esp. your peers and teachers. Well, now that i think i’ve gotten my point across i’m pretty much done. And for the people who are going to repost and say mean stuff about my point of veiw and opinions i hope you know how much your making a fool of yourself.

  32. Lizzy Baldwin says:

    Oh by the way,
    i’m a seventh grade
    student at kenton middle school.
    I guess i left hat out.


    loves you

  33. Leslie says:

    Let me first start of by saying, I have several children in the school system. I have been to the meetings on campus wear. And it is really funny how everyone is blinded to what really is going on. I do not agree with campus wear. And to refer back to what Lizzy has stated having everyone wear the same clothes will not change the students social standing, nor will it stop kids picking on other kids. **** Oh wait a minute this is one of the things that was stated at the meeting for having campus wear.****** I do agree that the dress code may need revised, but first I think that it has to be enforced. That means that the school board has to stand behind our school officals and right now they are not. What I mean by that is depending on who your mom and Dad are will determine if the student gets in trouble. Everyone knows this is true. If the school board goes ahead with this campus wear they will be tell the public that they do not care what we think or what we want. If that is so why would we pass a tax levy so that they can spend it however they please. Another thing that has not been brought to the public’s attention is that it is the schools responiblity to make sure that students who can not afford campus wear are clothed properly. Yes there are different funding programs in the community for this purpose. But the fact of the matter is at least 1/2 of the student body qualifies for help. That is about 1200 students. If you figure $100 per student per year that is $120,000 and all the community resources will not cover that amount, meaning that the school district will have to cover the rest. I do not know about you but I refuse to vote for a levy that is needed for operating reasons to have that money spent on clothes. I beieve there are more important things our school board could use the money for. Not only that but if the school board feels comfortable asking businesses in our communtity to help with the cost of clothing why not ask them to help with operating cost, WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT! I think most parents would agree. Finally I think the school board has more pressing issues than arguing with parents and students over this campus wear issue. Enforce the dress code you have, if you can not enforce the current one you’ll never be able to enforce campus wear, there are to many loop holes. Again thank you Lizzy for pointing out why campus wear will not sovle the social problem.

  34. bethany says:

    ok one thing.
    if the school board has to cut so many extracurricular activities to save money, then how are they supposed to help people buy uniforms?
    that doesnt make sense

  35. Leslie says:

    That’s just my point. At the meetings that were held the school board stated that they were responsible for providing uniforms to those in need. This is some state staute or rule. So why would the school board put themsevles in a position where they have to spend more money (clothes) and yet their ok with cutting activities. How fair it that to our student body. Let’s put the money to go use not waste it on something that is not enforced currently. Let’s give our children advantages not hold them back.

  36. Haley. says:

    w.e this is about the stupidest issue in the world! staff people would rather worry about what we have to wear and stuff then worry about bigger issues! i mean there is guarenteed not even half of the people in our school that dont follow school rules, so why bother? i think that this issue relys on the PARENTS! whne u want to have kids its your responability to take care of kids. yes, that means making sure they follow rules and dont let them control your life!
    besides i dont like the fact of people telling me the choices of clothes i can or cant wear.thats right im one of those epople that dont like being told what to wear. if the schoolboard thinks that we need uniforms to amke us act like a private school, and stop violence and all that good stuff, it NOT GOING TO WORK! teens these days arent going to stop what they are doing now jsut because of uniforms!.!. poeple are still gonna be made fun of, and stuff so why mess with it. thats all for now. oh yeah i am a seventh grader. C:

  37. Haley. says:

    oh yeah i forgot! i forgot to say my solution, ok so the pricipals hanet even tried to stop this issue. instead of warning kids and just sending them home, why not do sometihng like having kids be checked before school. there not dressed rite. give a 0 for the day. i mean its not that difficault to do that…right? stop making a big deal baout this and just try slutions!!!!!

  38. morgan B. says:

    this is retarded seriosly i think campus wear is for private schools not for public schools ok this is GAY! i hate it we cant wear wat we want ok its bad enough that the board took away from our holes bein in our jeans i dont see what the problam iz with you ppl really think that we are gunna wear this stuf?? cuz if you do then uhh no we aint and i no alot of my classmate or whatever you wanna call them yeah they hATE IT i hate it its dumb okay i’m sorry but i dont like the idea of wearing the same thing that every body else is wearing. some people express their selfs throuth their cloths and i am one of those people i wear my pajama pants to show that i am layed back or tired..any way i hate the idea i dont like it and if ya got somthing to say BRING IT!

  39. Mandy says:

    Hi. My name is Mandy. I understand the concept of campus wear, but I don’t like it. I think that kids who follow dress codes should not be punished for what other students wear. I am a student who follows the dress code and most of my friends as well. Maybe you could consider giving students the campus wear who break the code and not to those of us who do not. Those of us (like me) who take the rules seriously should not be punished, it’s just straight up unfair. Thanks.

  40. Isaac says:

    Campus Wear is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. derek says:

    i think that campus wear would be bad because it would take away indivduallaty. and in the summer mooonths it woould be very hot because in dress clothes it gets really hot and that is why i don’t think that campus wear should be adopted for kenton city schools

  42. Heather E. says:

    Hello to all…. My husband and I are parents of two Kenton City students. My kids are fairly young and are still in elementray schools and when we heard that a committee was talking about putting the kids in “campus wear” instead of enforcing the dress code they have now, we were disgusted. We are completely dead set against this whole idea. We believe that it takes away the kids’ individuality and creativeness. I don’t see all the dress code problems being corrected because of new policies on campus wear. The old dress code is fine the way it is…parents and teachers need to crack down on the ones who wear stuff that show too much, doesn’t cover enough, or has offensive logos, etc.. If I was a teacher and I saw someone walk into my classroom that wore stuff that was too revealing you can bet your paychecks that kid would be sent to the office for dress code violations. There is a time a place where you can wear certain kinds of clothes. Wearing shorts that show your butt crack and itty bitty shirts, or pants that barely hang below your waste showing underwear, is not appropiate for school..its fine at home, with your friends or at the mall but not at school. We also think that its not fair to punish an entire school system because there is a few kids that want to dress “flashy” and their parents and teachers don’t want to say anything to them. Also it is true that not everyone is going to be able to afford this drastic clothing change. Leave “Campus Wear” to private schools…it has no place in public schools, and for cryin out loud enforce the current dress code…crack down on the ones who violate it. We are sure of one thing…these kids go to uniforms…theres a good chance that our kids won’t go to Kenton schools next year if we can help it.

  43. lyndsie says:

    we sould were campes wear i want to and im in 4th grade

  44. lyndsie says:

    so alot of peple dont want campus wear i dont what it no would be weird and takes away are rights to wear whatever we want.but some of are parents cant aford it sooooo. lets not wear that.okk fine if we dont get none.buh bye peples have fun with your coments. (“.”) =) or =(