Levy Focus Group Report

The focus group report by Dr. Wise and Dr. Graham of Wright State University titled A Market Analysis Conducted for the Kenton City Schools: The Community’s Perceptions of the Schools and the Needs of the Schools is now available for download. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).

6 Responses to “Levy Focus Group Report”

  1. Ted Tanner says:

    Here is my personal opinion on the levy.
    I have been a homeowner in Kenton since 2000, I pay School, City, State and Federal Income Tax. On top of that I pay sales and property tax and probley a few I missed. So I feel I already pay my fair share in taxes. I have no problem with supporting the young people and the schools but in order to get my YES vote you need to get out and educate me. I need to know what you want the money for, why we don’t already have the money, with the lottery and all proclaiming all the money thay give to the schools. If you went door to door and explained these things to me and probley my neighbor WHY you have to have more money, and have informational pamplets made up with the most concerning questions and answers…once my curiousity on these very troubling questions were sastisfied, then you will get your money, but you need to insure that each and every person that has a vote involved in this issue is personally contacted and win there vote. I know you would of received mine. I have no children in the Kenton School District, I do not subscribe to the paper (Kenton Times). Prior to the polls I had heard nothing about it, ZIP, nanda, and if you want to get a YES vote, your going to have to go out and convince voters that you really need it and SHOW them why.
    Ted Tanned
    Kenton, Ohio

  2. Brad A. Heckathorn says:


    Thank you for this directional email. And, I agree, there could always be more dialogue and communication between the constituency and the elected officials. If I may ask a question: Are you aware that the monthly Board meetings are televised on local cable? And, were you aware that the Board held a live question/answer call-in show prior to the election? Also, since you do not subscribe to the newspaper, did happen to catch the “At Issue” on WKTN featuring Doug Roberts, Steve Ashba, and Board President Russ Blue where they answered Dennis Beverly’s questions about the District and the levy? Had you happened to watch the two parades in October where the Board and voluteers handed out informational brochures? Did you receive the community District newsletter sent by the Superintendent? Did you realize that you can call the Board office anytime?

    Yes, Ted, BOE could always do MORE in the communication area, but I believe we have truly made an educated attempt to contact the masses in the most effectively and efficient ways possible. A number of volunteers have worked tirelessly “getting the word out” and being available to answer questions. Ted, I, first off, want to thank you for taking your time to address your concerns and for being a part of our District and community. Please do not “give up” on KCS. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Board office and speak to Doug or any Board member.

    Thank you,

    Brad A. Heckathorn

  3. Angela Phillips says:

    Dear Board,
    Could you explain why you would take out a whole program (cross country)This program has been built up by a very positive coach one who puts alot of extra time in, hours of time not for the money but for the love of the sport and the kids. I have a daughter on the team, I realized real quick that this program is one that is money well spent. I’m not sure if any of you know much about the cross country program. I know he is the lowest paid coach. I also had a son on the golf team. In 4 years he had about 6 practices and on the nights he had matches the coach sat in the clubhouse. This is money not well spent. I’m just voicing my concern as a voter. I know this vote is important but you have to think why has this district struggled for so long. I bet if you would cut half the football coaches people would be running to the polls to vote. Listen to the community. Please keep doing your best to make the right choices for our school system.
    Angela Phillips

  4. Kathie Brown says:

    Dear Board–

    I believe the real reason that more money is needed is that funds have been cut at the federal or state level–is this true?

    I also believe we (the voters) need to be reminded of that just prior to vote day. I guess we need to hear it on the radio and see in the paper. Some way we need to be told that funds have been reduced on the state and federal level–otherwise we wonder if you are just getting greedy.

    Also–please remind each other not to say that you haven’t had a raise for so many years–because you have had a raise. You have had one percent of every raise and every bonus that everyone in this district has gotten ever since the one percent tax went into effect. You have enjoyed every raise that we have.


  5. Leon Barbee says:

    The ad in today’s Kenton paper is a total turn-off. If you think this “let’s make a deal” is going to sway people, you are totally off base. I voted “yes” for the levy the first time, even though I had no real information because I think the kids deserve a better situation. However, this ad today plus the one last week or so is not a way to keep my vote. What is the matter with you people?? Address the issue of why this is good for the kids… tell people what their “yes” vote will buy for the kids of today and tomorrow. Tell them what their “no” vote will do to the kids of today and tomorrow. But this stupid ad of “let’s make a deal” tells me that your campaign is doomed for failure if this is the best this group can do.

  6. Leon Barbee says:

    By the way, a lot of the points made by Ted in the message above fits my thinking as well. My wife and I moved here last June, and we are retired. There was nothing forthcoming about what the costs would be, nothing about what the levy meant in terms of better education for the kids (I mean specifics, not some general comment). What is the thinking on having one campus for the entire district? What is wrong with having neighborhood schools instead of busing all the kids to a central site? I have not seen anything from your town leaders, nothing from your business leaders, nothing from your chamber of commerce concerning support for this issue? You need to tell those who have no kids in the district what this issue means for the entire town. If you want more business, you have to have a good school district to draw people in. But you need to address other issues in partnership with the civic, business, and school leaders. Kenton has a lot of potential, but your thinking is from the 50s; basically it’s vote for this because we said so. That’s not good enough for me. Like everyone else, I am not in favor of paying more taxes, but I will pay more taxes if I understand the why’s and what it means for the overall school district and the town… I haven’t seen anything that even vaguely comes close to that.